Business Intelligence SIG: Breakthrough Analytics



  • Using Open Source and Agile to Build a Customer Retention Dashboard

    Every business cares a great deal about the pace at which it acquires customers … and the rate of loss of those customers.  For online businesses with subscriber models, attrition is a fact of life. Daily visibility into account acquisition, and the rate of attrition of those accounts, allows managers to stay abreast of trends, and to react quickly.

    DASHbay is a BI services and tools company focusing on the use of Open Source BI, and cloud infrastructure.  DASHbay leveraged these tools to rapidly build a dashboard consolidating several key metrics of customer account acquisition and retention, including modeling an attrition curve. In this presentation, DASHbay will discuss the iterative aspects of the engagement, and how its specific toolset and practices contributed to a quick turnaround in support of business objectives.


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