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BI SIG: Personalization and the Path to Profitability



  • The Gradual Evolution to Profiling, Analytics, and Targeting


    Ray Wang, Corporate Marketing Chief, Personify

    Presentation Overview

    As e-businesses evolve paths to profitability, we experience trends in the customer intelligence metrics for success. In the beginning, IT infrastructure measurements such as hit counts and page views were used. The next phase involved informal metrics such as click through rates and impressions. Currently, collaborative filtering and rules based personalization are all the rage, yet these approaches still rely on crude metrics. To reach the lofty goals of personalization and to realize profitability, an understanding of on-line behavior is required across the various stages of e-business growth: Acquisition, Content/Navigation, Merchandising, and Loyalty. This evening's discussion will focus on past trends, the metrics that matter, some case studies, and an inside look at Personify's Analytical CRM solution for e-Businesses.

    Speaker Profile

    Ray Wang

    Ray is Corporate Marketing Chief at Personify. Previously he was product manager at Oracle for CRM BIS.


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