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    N. Nobby Akiha, Vice President of Marketing, Actuate

    Presentation Overview

    Recently the e-Business world woke up to the idea of e-Business platforms – a software infrastructure for running applications critical to doing business over the Internet. The typical e-Business platform would include:

    • Content Management system – for publishing documents and images such as online brochures and one-to-one marketing
    • Application Server – for processing transactions
    • Information Delivery solution – for delivering information such as service level information, transaction histories, performance summaries, manufacturing and distribution status, and customer account information to customers, partners, and employees

    While Content Management systems and Application Servers have established their presence over the last few years, Information Delivery solutions have gained recognition in the last year. An Information Delivery system creates, manages, and delivers relevant business information to customers, partners, and employees. An effective Information Delivery solution allows you to create, manage, and deliver secure, perfectly formatted content that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of a company's Web site using operational data from multiple sources. This presentation will discuss the requirements of an effective Information Delivery system.

    Speaker Profile

    Nobby Akiha

    Mr. Akiha brings over 18 years of experience in high technology and consumer packaged goods marketing to Actuate Corporation. He joined Actuate in August 2000 as vice president of Marketing. Prior to joining Actuate, he was vice president, Marketing and Business Development at Inference Corporation. Mr. Akiha also served as senior consultant at Regis McKenna, Inc., Director of Marketing Communications for CASE vendor Interactive Development Environments (IDE), and Group Product manager at Oracle Corporation. Mr. Akiha started his marketing career consulting to consumer packaged goods companies at Management Decision Systems and Burke Marketing Research. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Science in Management from the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T.