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BI SIG: How to Categorize the Content of your Portal





    Dr Claude Vogel, founder and CTO of Semio Corporation

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    Presentation Overview

    The shift of interest towards portals, which provide a single entry point into different data types and data repositories, highlights the need to provide coherent and meaningful organization of content, i.e. taxonomies and directories. The user productivity gains anticipated from broad data access can only be achieved if users can actually find the information they need. Previously the technical challenges of information organization were the traditional field of expertise for librarians and knowledge engineers; today anyone implementing a corporate portal must address these challenges.

    This presentation will provide an introduction to taxonomy and directory building. After a brief explanation of the key concepts, the presentation will detail the building steps of a taxonomy, provide a simple framework for quality assurance, and help dealing with planning and cost evaluation issues. Practical examples will illustrate the critical phases of the process.

    Attendees will learn:

    • To understand what a taxonomy and a directory are and why it is critical to control them in the portal environment.
    • To understand how browsing for information is different from search, and why it makes a difference in users' productivity.
    • How to build a successful categorization solution for a portal.

    Speaker Profile

    Claude Vogel

    Claude Vogel is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Semio Corporation. Semio offers a service that creates and maintains browsable, searchable taxonomies for intranets and Web sites. These taxonomies are based upon concepts automatically extracted and organized from large collections of documents. He has a background in Anthropology (Ph.D. Social Anthropology, 1976, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, 1992, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris). He is a Professor and the Director of the Computational Semiotics Laboratory at the University Leonard de Vinci in Paris, and an Associate Professor of Computational Semiotics at the University of Montreal. He engages in ongoing research on the subjects of software engineering, cognitive design, social organizations, and semiotics.