• BI SIG: Golden Path Analyzer Tuesday, February 17, 2004 - 06:30PM
    Lucie Stern Center Community Room
    1305 Middlefield Rd.
    Palo Alto, CA
    Business Intelligence

BI SIG: Golden Path Analyzer



  • Clustering Clickstreams to Improve Customer Processes on Web Sites



    Kamal Ali, Data Mining Technical Yahoo, Yahoo Inc.


    Presentation Overview

    This presentation discusses work done at Vividence on clustering customer Web clickstreams to diagnose problems with web processes such as online shopping. We use a novel algorithm and deployment that analyzes clickstreams during a web browsing session with respect to a success criterion such as ability to easily navigate a web site to purchase a product. It finds the shortest 'golden' paths taken by users (panelists) who succeeded at the task. The paths taken by the rest of the users are then analyzed with respect to each golden path.

    Golden Path Analysis (GPA) determines whether a given user took a golden path or not, where she dropped off that golden path, and whether or not she rejoined that golden path or joined another path. These analyses allow one to find problematic pages and links. GPA has been fielded in over twenty engagements at Vividence. It has been implemented in Perl and Visual Basic.


    About the Presenter

    Kamal Ali

    Dr. Ali has been doing research in machine learning and data-mining since 1987. He received his PhD from UC Irvine in 1995 on the topic of combining multiple classifiers and learning first-order probabilistic models. He has worked at the IBM Almaden Research Center, the CSLI Institute at Stanford, TiVo, Vividence and now at Yahoo.


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    Lucie Stern Center

    Community Room

    1305 Middlefield Rd.

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