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BI SIG: Applying Intelligence to Customer Interactions





    Dave Leutz, Evangelist - Chordiant

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    Presentation Overview

    Customer interaction is a real world opportunity for information and intelligence to enhance how businesses and customers interact and businesses serve customers. As we have moved to a highly evolved world with companies serving thousands and millions of customers monthly, maintaining customer information, automating processes and integrating knowledge has become critical to operate on this scale. Businesses in both B2B and B2C segments are now investing as never before in CRM applications of which knowledge plays a key role. Intelligence should be the goal of enhancing every customer interaction to improve the individual outcome -- processes refined by rules and workflows; e-selling enhanced by configuration and pricing engines; offers optimize to individuals; and service information enhanced by knowledge systems.

    Knowledge empowers many of the key CRM applications such as self-serve web and email for customer service and product information applications. For internal representatives knowledge systems enable guided scripting and information content in response to specific customer inquiries, more complex products and services and providing content in support of service, marketing and selling interactions.

    Speaker Profile

    Don Morrison

    Don Morrison, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, is responsible for the company's marketing strategy and global alliances, leading Chordiant's mergers and acquisitions and new business development efforts. Mr. Morrison has been with Chordiant since 1997 in a variety of management roles including Vice President of Field Operations and Vice President of Marketing.

    With 19 years of experience in software, networking and computer systems, Mr. Morrison has a background in marketing and sales management, product planning, and industry partnerships with companies such as Network Peripherals Inc. a high-speed networking switch company; SMI, an applications software company, and division of AC Nielsen; and channel management and marketing positions with the Santa Cruz Operation(SCO). Before SCO, Mr. Morrison held marketing management positions with computer systems companies in the UNIX server market.