Bill Grosso

William Grosso has been an acclaimed engineering and product leader ever since he walked away from his job as a research scientist in Artificial Intelligence. Whether as a VP of Engineering, a CTO, or as an SVP of Product, he's known for building high-performance organizations that ship innovative customer-centric products on time. What’s more, and what’s more important, people enjoy working for him and achieve personal bests under his direction (see his LinkedIn profile,, to read what people say about him). Currently, he splits his time between driving his son to school, incubating a new startup and consulting. The son is doing fine, the startup is in stealth mode, and the consulting practice focuses on helping customers think about their data (especially around predictive analytics), business intelligence, and revamping organizational processes to achieve higher performance. His customers range from the Fortune 500 to 10 person startups and just about the only thing they have in common is that they have an interesting problem they need Bill (or his team) to solve.