Java SIG: Graphing with Entrance & Maximising Java Performance on Spring/Vmware



  • Graphing with JDBC and Entrace PLOTQL (20min)


    Entrance 'plotql' is a new, cross-platform script language for visualizing data in JDBC databases.   It extends SQL with instructions for making charts.  The goal of the language is to be simple to use for simple applications, but capable of going "deep" when necessary.  It does a very good job for images that will be sent both to desktop screens and cell phone displays.  Detailed PLOT syntax is here, and examples are in a blog, here.

    In this talk, Tod Landis will introduce Entrance plotql and the Java API for using and extending it. 


    Tod has written software for ONR, Northstar Computers, Island Graphics, Adobe, and Borland, including "SilkPurse", the 3D chart-making engine used by Borland Quattro Pro and Paradox.  He has an MA in Mathematics from UC, Berkeley and was a Lecturer in Mathematics at SFSU.   He also co-wrote the Parlett-Landis algorithms for scaling matrices to magic squares.  He lives with his family in Boulder Creek, CA.

    Maximize Java application performance and availability on VMware ESX by (60min)

    Do you know the three deadly sins of running Java virtually? Do you know what the leading cause of performance problems in virtual environments is? These days everything is going virtual, and everyone is looking at cloud as the next big thing. But the journey is not without its share of pitfalls. We'll discuss practical, real-world lessons that avoid them and cover techniques to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve problems as you encounter them.

    We'll also look at Hyperic and Spring Insight, two monitoring tools from SpringSource which let you see exactly how long each portion of a web request takes, set thresholds and take automated actions if problems develop. As a bonus you'll also get an exclusive look at some new technology that makes VMware ESX a better place to run Java than ever.


    6:45-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.

    7:00-9:00 Presentations