3D Printing & Scanning SIG: Latest Advancements in 3D Printing w/ GrowShapes & Sixense



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    Latest Advancements in 3D Printing w/ GrowShapes & Sixense


    • Geoffrey Doyle, CEO, GrowShapes LLC
    • Steve Nguyen, Vice President Marketing, Sixense Entertainment Inc.

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    Geoff Doyle, CEO of GrowShapes, will discuss the lastest advancements in full color and paper 3D printing, including announcements on emerging 3D technologies from Euromold and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

    Geoff will discuss what’s new in 3D printing:

    • Newer materials, such as paper and ceramics
    • Advancements in color 3D printing, including ZCorp and Mcor
      (Note: GrowShapes is the Bay Area certified reseller of the Mcor.)
    • New applications for 3D printing, such as combining it with Augmented Reality.

    Geoff recently attended both the Euromold conference in Frankfurt (in December 2013) and CES in Las Vegas (in January 2014). He will talk about where the European market is relative to the US market. Geoff will discuss the latest announcements coming out of both of these conferences, as well as the significance of these latest developments to the U.S. market.

    Next, Steve Nguyen, VP Marketing of Sixense, will provide a sneak peak of MakeVR's collaborative modeling features, allowing multiple users to model within the same environment simultaneously. MakeVR will fully unveil the latest MakeVR enhancements at 3D Printer World in Burbank from January 31-February 1, 2014. The MakeVR Kickstarter campaign will launch immediately following the expo on February 5, 2014 and Steve will give us some hints as to what to look for in the campaign. (http://sixense.com/makevr)

    MakeVR bridges the void between the real and virtual worlds, allowing users to harness their full potential to create, share, buy, trade and print 3D models. The software, built from the ground up to operate with motion-enabled input devices, combines a professional-grade CAD engine with an intuitive two-handed interface that gives unprecedented ease of use, making content creation for 3D printing more accessible than ever.

    "... it isn't enough to be able to download other people's objects and print them. The CAD learning curve must be eliminated because the vast majority of 3D printer users want to print their own designs. Most don't have the time, money or desire to learn complicated 3D modeling software, but they have ideas 3D printing can turn into reality. With MakeVR's more natural human-to-computer interface and simplified approach to modeling, it's easy to go from your brain to your 3D printer."--Jenny Bolton, President of Punchbowl Media Inc., producer of 3D Printer World Expo.

    Steve will also briefly discuss how Sixense and GrowShapes will collaborate to demonstrate MakeVR's 3D printing capabilities.

    You won’t want to miss this event.

    Presenter Bios
    GeoffrGeoffrey Doyleey Doyle
    CEO of GrowShapes (www.growshapes.com);
    Founder and Co-chair of SVForum 3D Printing and Scanning SIG

    Geoffrey Doyle is CEO of GrowShapes LLC (http://www.growshapes.com), which provides leading-edge 3D printing and scanning products and services in Silicon Valley. Starting his career in the British Army (Royal Engineers), he transitioned into venture capital and worked at Percipient Capital in London for over 10 years investing in UK technology companies. After moving to Silicon Valley he established SVForum's 3D Printing and Scanning Special Interest Group at the beginning of 2013, the first monthly meeting forum for 3D printing related technology in Silicon Valley. He is also a business advisor to Silicon Valley companies, such as Sixense Entertainment (www.sixense.com), and a frequent speaker on the topic of 3D printing investments and technology trends. Geoffrey holds a B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Manchester (UK), an MBA from Manchester Business School (UK) and graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

    Steve Nguyen
    Vice President, Marketing of Sixense Entertainment Inc.

    Steve recently joined Sixense (http://www.sixense.com) and brings 20 years of technology marketing experience to the company. He worked with industry pioneer Echelon to establish market leadership positions in the smart building, intelligent city infrastructure, and home automation markets. Steve held senior positions in corporate marketing, communications and global marketing programs; and worldwide solutions marketing for embedded automation technologies and emerging markets.

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    7:20PM -- 8:00PM      Geoffrey Doyle, CEO, GrowShapes LLC
    8:00PM -- 8:20PM      Steve Nguyen, VP Marketing, Sixense
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