Filtering the Firehose: Monitoring Social Media : Moving Targets and Massive Volume

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Thu, 2013-12-12 22:21 -- ronlichty

Social media. Customers talk. But how to filter the firehose? How to put our ears to the rail of customer sentiment?

Attensity linguist and product strategist Katherine Matsumoto tonight told the Emerging Technology Sig the challenges:
    ▪    5700 tweets/second
    ▪    232M active monthly Twitter users
    ▪    1.19bn active monthly Facebook users
    ▪    50% of FB users log in daily
    ▪    30% of social-media users prefer social care to phoning customer service
    ▪    nearly one in three consumers who use social media for customer care do so at least weekly
    ▪    customer service agents who have social media tools to respond are 5 times more productive

Attensity processes over 500M documents per day from over 150M social sources. In real time.

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