Cloud & Virtualization SIG: Adobe’s Transitioning to the Cloud – One Team’s View



  • Adobe’s Transitioning to the Cloud – One Team’s View

    Presentation Summary

    Adobe’s Transitioning to the Cloud –One Team’s View 
    A large, primarily shrink-wrapped, box on the shelf, desktop software company does not transition to a cloud enabled, CD-less installation, subscription-based company overnight. At least, not without an  internalsea change involving almost every aspect and team within the company. Adobe’s transition to this new way of delivering solutions to its customers involved many moving parts and required rethinking the way teams work together. Two members of the Core Technology group, Lori Tregoning and Tim Beauchamp, give their perspective on what it took to move one group of components from a traditional waterfall development process for a suite delivery to a “Shippable Anytime” mentality and methodology.

    Speaker Bios

    Tim Beauchamp (linkedin)
    Tim is a Computer Scientist / QE Manager at Adobe Systems, Inc in San Jose. He has been in the  software industry for over 20 years working for both large software companies and small startups,  focusing on delivering quality and innovative software to customers in fields including graphics,  presentation, networking, collaboration, data warehousing, statistical analysis and user interface. Tim holds 12 software patents, and comes from a wide range of previous industries and locations
    including sales, printing, software, hospitality, and mechanic, working in central and northern California  as well as at the South Pole station in Antarctica.
    Lori Tregoning (linkedin)
    Lori is a Senior Program Manager at Adobe Systems, Inc in San Jose. She has been in the software  industry for over 20 years working for large and medium sized software companies. Her focus has been
    on delivering quality software products and improving software development process efficiencies.  Lori holds an MBA from San Jose StateUniversity and a BS in Computer Science from California State
    University, Chico. Synopsis


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