• Web Apps SIG: Using speeDEV Tuesday, June 12, 2001 - 05:30PM
    Levi Plaza
    LS1/Auditorium 1155 Battery
    San Francisco, 94105
    Web Apps & E-Commerce

Web Apps SIG: Using speeDEV



  • ...automating your development process management .


    Sky Basu, Founder & CEO - AgniRoth


    Levi Plaza
    1155 Battery
    San Francisco, CA 94105


    5:30-6:15pm registration/networking/refreshments
    6:15-8:00pm program


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    Presentation Overview

    SpeeDEV is a completely web based integrated suite of solutions to help in managing the Software Development Lifecycle Process. The processes whether it is heavy methodology like Rational's, or Agile like the Extreme Programming, Adaptive Programming or Crystal Methodology, speeDEV allows the process manager to define, implement and enforce the process. It is not even necessary to adopt an established process and the process manager can create one from the speeDEV supplied templates of best practices or even from the scratch. By using speeDEV a large portion of the routine tasks in the process can be automated and consequently the programmers and project managers has more time to spend on the actual work rather than managing the process.

    Speaker Profile

    Sky Basu

    Since 1994, Sky Basu has been CTO at AgniRoth, and more recently, the acting CEO. He has worked extensively in the Internet area, delivering mission critical applications for HP, USWeb (now marchFIRST), Solectron and Stanford University. His innovative ideas and real-world solutions have led to several patents and awards. He also specializes in delivering projects on-time, and under tight budgets. Mr. Basu has over 14 years of experience in developing software applications, mentoring engineers and managing software companies. Prior to starting AgniRoth, Mr. Basu was the Executive Director at Temple Private Ltd., where he developed a superior PCB Routing algorithm and an industry-leading Profile Cutting engineering software, PSS-90. He is credited for growing the company from a handful of developers to over forty engineers. Mr. Basu holds a B.Tech from IIT and an MS from ISI.

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