Web Apps & E-Commerce SIG: Recommendation Engines and Brand Commerce



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    TOPIC: Recommendation engines suggest products and services that a user might like based on past transactions and the transactions of users with a similar purchasing style. Current performance metrics suggest that recommendation engines can add up to 8-10% in incremental revenues.

    This panel will discuss emerging technology companies and trends in recommendation systems with the backdrop of new e-commerce trends such as,

    Channel Strategies & Methodologies: Users are increasingly mobile and social and businesses are using ad exchanges. How do recommendation systems adapt to the type of channel that a consumer uses? How are emerging recommendation systems describing, weighting and assigning lifetimes to likes, raves, faves, social graph context, relationship type, relationship strength, social context, social intent, and recency of social information? Depending on the channel, are there ideal locations/contexts/times to insert recommendations?

    Emerging Algorithms: Sites, such as Amazon, have use collaborative filtering techniques to power their systems. Is it still king or are we moving towards newer techniques? How are the performance of the engines being measured? How are emerging recommendation systems describing, weighting and assigning lifetimes to data independence / randomness, integrity, consistency, reliability, completeness, context, frequency, recency, accuracy, bots, etc

    Recommendations as a complement to Shopping Portals and Brick+Mortar Brands: Recommendation engines have typically catered to the interest of the consumer. Can it be used to improve a company’s brand? How do you categorize different brands – e.g. by type of goods and services, customers, channels, ad budget, financial markets, web presence, web traffic, web engagement, store presence, etc. How can brands be matched up with different recommendation techniques and categories.

    6.30 pm – 7.00 pm Snacks, Drinks & Networking

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    7.15 pm – 8.00 pm Panel Presentations

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