WS SIG (SV): On Demand Platforms: The Future of Utility Computing



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    Adam Gross, Director of Product Marketing,


    Presentation Overview

    The importance and impact of Web services on the enterprise architecture is increasingly well understood. To date, however, the focus of this technology has been limited to "wrapping" existing applications and servers with this new type of interface. What happens when the concepts of service oriented computing effect not only how applications are connected, but also how they are built, deployed and managed? IBM calls it "on demand", HP "adaptive", Microsoft "agile", Sun "N1" and Oracle "grid" computing - despite confusion over what to call it, these trends are coalescing to define a future that is surprisingly distinct from the application strategies of today. And as was the case with last major wave of application innovation, large Web sites (like Amazon and eBay) and service providers (like - not "traditional" centers of IT - are leading the way. In this presentation, learn what's real, what's hype, and what's important about the move toward "utility" computing.


    About the Presenter

    Adam Gross

    Adam was formerly Vice President of Product Marketing at Grand Central Communications. Prior to joining Grand Central, Adam co-founded Personify, a San Francisco-based enterprise software company, and served as a technology analyst in Stanford Research Institute's Media Futures Program. At SRI, Adam helped leading consumer electronics and computer companies - including Apple, Sun, Sony and Microsoft - develop business, technical and regulatory strategies for entering broadband digital video and consumer online services markets. Adam holds a B.S. in New Media Systems and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza

    7:00-9:00pm presentation and discussion



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