Venture Finance SIG: Raising Venture Funding vs. Early Acquisition



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    With the decrease in venture exits and liquidity, startup founders are faced with a decision early whether to raise traditional venture funding or seek an early acquisition.  Large companies have been making a significantly more smaller acquisitions that result in great returns for founders and angel/seed investors alike.  Join us with two insiders who help guide entrepreneurs daily. Topics will include:

    - How difficult is it to raise venture financing?  What are the expectations once I raise money?

    -If I raise now and take some dilution:

    o   what exit valuation will get me back to where I am today?

    o   will this be acceptable to my investors?

    -Who are making acquisitions?  What types of startups are they seeking?

    -What’s the timeline?

    -What are the requirements for each?  How do they differ?

    -Should founders be allowed to "cash out" in later rounds? What are the implications for investors, employees and potential acquirers when this happens?

    Neeraj Arora, Google Corporate Development
    Kent Goldman, First Round Capital

    Rohit Gupta, Opus Capital