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    Presentation Overview

    Secrets of Silicon Valley's Master Networkers

    How do deals really happen? Why can some founders raise money overnight, while others struggle for years? Almost always, the answer is "networking."

    Do you really know your way around the Valley? Do you know the key connectors who know everyone else? And just as importantly, do they know you?

    How can you develop these invaluable relationships? At networking events?

    Launch parties? Hackathons? Nonprofit board meetings? Bowling?

    Which tools can help you make these connections? Are you using LinkedIn, blogging, and other services effectively?

    This month we'll be hearing from some of Silicon Valley's master networkers, including Auren Hoffman of RapLeaf.

    Auren is often described as the most well-networked person in the Bay Area.

    He's CEO of Rapleaf, and previously founded and sold three Internet companies before the age of 30: BridgePath, Kyber Systems, and GetRelevant. Auren is a trustee of the Junior State of America Foundation and Lead21. He the founder of the Silicon Forum and Dialog. Auren serves on the advisory boards of MerchantCircle, Blip.TV, and the Pacific Research Institute. He's an active angel investor in POSTroller, Meebo, Socializr, Edgeio, and Structural Wealth Management.

    We'll hear Auren and others like Startup SIG co-chair Chris Yeh describe the actual techniques that they use to get and stay connected, as well as give real-life examples of how networking helped them sign deals, raise money, and build companies.

    We're also inviting representatives from other business organizations to hear how they can help you with your networking goals. Stay tuned on the Start-up SIG's wiki:




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