• VC One-on-One with Greylock Wednesday, February 13, 2002 - 01:00PM
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VC One-on-One with Greylock



  • 25-minute appointments with David Sze, General Partner


    * We're sorry. The deadline has passed, and all appointments are filled.

    Deadline to respond

    9:00am on Monday, February 4

    This could be the introduction you've been waiting for!

    David Sze, General Partner, (bio), of Greylock will be participating in a first-time VC 1on1 session with start-up members of SDForum. Apply today and on February 13 your company could be meeting face-to-face with a firm that has helped build over 250 developing companies!

    To be considered for an appointment, please submit a 3-page executive summary to julie@sdforum.org by the deadline posted above. Summaries will be reviewed by Greylock, and companies will be notified if they are selected to participate.

    Your company should be a Start-up Member of SDForum and fit one of the following categories:

    -Enterprise systems management/next generation enterprise data center software

    -Infrastructure middleware

    -Wireless middleware/software

    -Enterprise security software

    -Business to consumer leveraging internet technologies

    These private, 25-minute meetings allow start-up members to request advice, make a pitch for funding or get feedback on a business plan.

    Anchor David Sze Bio:

    David joined Greylock in 2000 from Excite@Home. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a B.A. from Yale University.

    At Excite@Home, he was Senior Vice President of product strategy, responsible for strategic initiatives in broadband and narrowband. Previously, he was Vice President of Content and Programming for Excite.

    Prior to Excite@Home, David was in product marketing and development at Crystal Dynamics and Electronic Arts, and worked as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group and Marakon Associates.

    David’s portfolio consists of investments in NOCPulse, Seven, and Gator.

    For more information, visit Greylock


    SDForum Center

    111 West Saint John, Suite 200

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