VC Breakfast with Guest VC: Sanjay Subhedar, Storm Ventures - Sold Out!



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    Storm Ventures: Investment Focus
    The investment focus of the Storm team is in Information Technology and Networking. We tend to map investment opportunities into one or more major themes: Bandwidth, Mobility or Intelligence, since we believe these are the key drivers that are transforming the way information is being used, shared, delivered, and protected.

    We put a big emphasis on understanding who the end user customers are, and what compelling value new companies can bring to them. We focus specifically on three types of customers: Service Providers, Enterprise, and Consumer. As a result, we spend a great deal of our time networking with thought and market leaders in each of these customer segments, many of which are Storm Limited Partners.

    The investments we make will range from components or semiconductors, to software and services, to systems companies. Some of the broad categories we invest in are Wireless, Security, Enterprise, Software and Hardware, Virtualization (Networking, Computing, and Storage), Software as a Service, and Web 2.0 Software, Services and Applications.