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Mock VC Presentation



  • 50-minute appointments with Darby Williams, SDForum Executive-in-Residence


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    Deadline to respond

    9:00am on Wednesday, Feb 13

    Meet with an experienced entrepreneur and practice your VC pitch... fine tune your presentation before your valuable face time with a VC (you never get a second chance to make a first impression).

    Darby Williams, SDForum Executive-in-Residence, will be holding 50-minute “Mock VC Presentations” for member companies who are raising money. Since VC meetings are an hour-long (at best), this will be a realistic situation to get across your message and the “hook” for a follow-on meeting. Darby, acting as the investor, will give you very candid and specific feedback on your business concept and your pitch. Don't miss this opportunity to iron out the rough edges hone your pitch.

    To schedule a Mock VC Presentation, email Julie Kinneberg (julie@sdforum.org) with a copy of your executive summary with an email cover letter - addressed to Darby Williams, Partner at Mock VC Fund - as if you were trying to convince him to give you an audience.

    Darby Williams

    SDForum is pleased to announce our first Executive-in-Residence, Darby Williams. Darby was a marketing executive in the Multimedia Division at Microsoft and became Microsoft’s first “Ambassador” to Silicon Valley. Previously in his career, he was a management consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton, Director of Computer Applications Software marketing at Atari, and the founder and CEO of a music technology company. After leaving Microsoft, he started and ran an eCommerce company, called CookExpress.com. Darby now works as an Interim Vice President of Marketing for early-stage technology-based companies and has agreed to be the first Executive-in-Residence at SDForum to help entrepreneurs increase the probability of starting and building sustainable, profitable companies.


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