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  • 25-minute appointments with Steven Swernofsky

    Deadline to respond:

    9:00am on Feb 28

    Angels at SDForum! If you're seeking funding but aren't quite ready to meet with VCs, maybe you need an angel. This is your opportunity to connect with members of The Angel Breakfast Club. Steven Swernofsky (bio) will be hosting an exclusive session with members of SDForum.

    Angel Breakfast Club (ABC) actively works with early stage software, Internet, and communications companies in Silicon Valley by providing capital, contacts, industry knowledge, and hands-on skills. ABC seeks to enhance the experience for budding entrepreneurs by providing extra assistance and education with the promise of uncovering outstanding investment opportunities.

    ABC members are individuals that exhibit exceptional abilities in the incubation and management of early stage technology companies and are active in Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial and investment communities. These individuals either represent early stage venture capital funds or are entrepreneurs and executives that have held leadership roles in emerging software, Internet, and communications companies.

    How to apply:

    Please email appointment request to [email protected] along with a 3 page executive summary. All summaries will be reviewed and selection will be made through random draw.

    AnchorSteven A. Swernofsky
    Steven A. Swernofsky, S.B. (MIT), J.D. (UCLA), is President of Swernofsky Law Group PC, an Intellectual Property law firm located in Los Altos, California, and focusing on Intellectual Property issues for both new and rising companies.

    The membership chairman of the Angel Breakfast Club, Mr. Swernofsky has worked closely with a variety of startups and has also developed investor relationships with several emerging companies. Prior to founding Swernofsky Law Group PC, Mr. Swernofsky has been at law firms both large (Lyon & Lyon) and small (D’Alessandro & Ritchie) and has also been with several technology companies, among them Somnus Medical Technologies, where he was General Counsel, and Bolt, Beranek & Newman, where he was a Computer Scientist.


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