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  • 25-minute appointments with Bill Joos

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    9:00am on Thursday, February 5


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    Please email appointment request to along with a 3 page executive summary. All summaries will be reviewed and selection will be made by VC.

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    VC One-on-Ones give your company the face-time it needs to pitch for funding and make a valuable connection in the investor community. Bill Joos, Garage Technology Ventures, will be available to members of SDForum for private 25 minute one-on-one sessions. This is just the introduction you've been waiting for!

    Garage Technology Ventures is a venture capital investment bank for emerging technology companies. Garage works with companies in two ways --they provide direct investment of venture capital and private placement services. They combine senior management attention, a hands-on team approach, proven syndication ability, and an extensive network of high-level contacts to enable early-stage technology companies to reach their strategic and financial goals. More information may be found at:


    Bill Joos

    Bill Joos has served as Vice President of Entrepreneur Development at Garage Technology Ventures since its founding in October 1997. He has held sales and marketing positions with a variety of companies, including IBM and Apple Computer. Bill is perhaps best know as a "Pitch Doctor" and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs with refining and focusing their positioning and presentations.


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