Tech Women's Event: Organizational Savvy for Women: Shattering the Glass Ceiling



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    Based upon his Wall Street Journal bestselling book, SURVIVAL OF THE SAVVY (, Dr. Rick Brandon will deliver Organizational Savvy for Women: Shattering the Glass Ceiling to empower SDForum Tech Women to break through barriers to their influence, impact, and advancement due to gender norms. You'll learn about the cutting edge leadership competency of political astuteness with integrity, which has now been sensitively applied to special influence challenges faced by women.

    Many women under-estimate how their attitudes about power and politics impact their job success, career management, and team’s influence. Women may define power differently, dislike traditional versus collaborative power, and avoid people or positions involving positional power. Certain “corporate buzz” and perceptions harm women’s influence, impact, and career mobility. For example, unfair labels may circulate if women speak in more nurturing ways, or use language that softens their stance to be less absolutist. Sometimes the same behaviors from women (e.g. discussing one’s accomplishments) may earn them more negative judgments (e.g., pompous, pushy) than men behaving similarly (e.g. confident, take-charge).

    This high-energy, intriguing, and fast-paced session uses a 65-item online Organizational Savvy Self-Assessment Political Styles Checklist which attendees will be able to take for free. You will come away with practical ethical politics skills for:

    • Experiencing an Ethical Politics Wake-Up Call

    • Leveraging Your Political Style

    • Implementing Organizational Savvy Skills PRESENTER Rick Brandon, Ph.D is a dynamic and humorous “edu-tainer,”


    6:00 - 6:45 p.m Registration, light snacks and networking

    6:45 - 8:30 p.m. Program / Q & A