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    The days when some scribbles on a napkin in Silicon Valley might have gotten you a fat check have largely passed.  Now we are talking about “Lean Startups”, “$100 Startups” and the like.  Doing more on far less is becoming the norm.  Investors are more likely to want to see some evidence of profitability BEFORE writing the check.  While VC’s are being more cautious, some other ways of funding may in fact be easier to come by.
    Once you get your initial 100 dollar or $500k funding how do you make sure you succeed?  Technology is making some types of startups much easier and cheaper to create.  Groupon started with the free open source Wordpress software and its famous (almost) five minute install!  Their coupons were simple PDF’s.  Google Apps can be your office – also free.  Teams do not have to be in the same office, or even have an office.  
    In this program we will listen to successful women Founders & Entrepreneurs who understand how to start, finance and run a successful company in a capital efficient manner.  They will discuss:
    Getting ready to take your shot
    Alternative funding
    The right team
    Virtual teams
    When/if to go for outside funding
    Problems women  are more likely to face and how to overcome
    Do you have to be under 40 to get funded or succeed?
    • Parul Gupta - CEO, Kovim Inc.  Parul provides strategic leadership for Kovim operations; finance and client relations. She has tremendous relationships with her customers and has an innate ability to establish teams and bring state of the art solutions to customers. Prior to Kovim, Parul has over 15 years of distinguished career with Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, eTIME in leadership roles in IT, Product and Sales. At Hewlett-Packard, Parul was integral in merging Compaq and HP employee services. At Hewlett-Packard, Parul gained a reputation as an outstanding manager of customer relationships, an acute strategist and a technology leader.


    • Karen Watts, Founder, CEO and Member of the Board, Corefino.  Karen Watts has served in executive roles at a variety of successful venture-backed technology companies. In addition to founding and serving as CEO of Corefino, Karen sits on the Board of Directors of Document Command. Before founding her company, Corefino, Karen held CFO positions with Scout Media, Equitex, Telesuite, and Telocity (now directv). Karen has also held management and executive roles in a variety of companies, including GlobalCenter (now Global Crossing) and PWC. Karen currently serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations.
    • Sonia Oster, CEO/Founder, Aprentica, also serves as President of the Fulbright Alumni Association in Argentina. She has been a Professor at SCAD-Atlanta and at Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico, and Visiting Professor at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria. Sonia has worked in Spain, Austria, Argentina, Mexico and the United States for companies such as Sony, IBM and CompuServe, among others and has been a consultant for organizations such as the European Commission and the United Nations.  Her startup, Aprentica, is an OPEN-SOCIAL LEARNING platform designed to, not just democratize education, but to universalize education. Surpassing university walls, Aprentica flattens the landscape not just for the educators to gain access to a larger pool of learners but also for the learners to easily gain access to the best content from different sources in one centralized venue.
    • Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder/CEO  Poornima was a founding engineer at  She was instrumental in building the product, launching it, and scaling it until is acquisition from Intuit in late 2009 for $170M.  In January 2010 she left to start, and is currently its Founder and CEO.  The inspiration for starting BizeeBee came to Poornima after volunteering at yoga studios across the country for several years, and seeing all the pains they had when it came to running a small business and retaining customers.



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