Startup SIG: Toni Schneider, Iain Lamb & Matt Mullenweg



  • The Monthly Meeting of the Start-up SIG, formerly the Founders Forum SIG


    Presentation Overview

    The Start-up SIG is featuring a fabulous double-hitter this month: founders from OddPost and WordPress. Toni Schneider, one of the area's most successful entrepreneurial CEO's, will speak and has invited two co-founders: Iain Lamb, Oddpost co-founder, and Matt Mullenweg, Automattic co-founder. Toni was Oddpost's CEO before its acquisition by Yahoo, and is currently Automattic's CEO.

    Come hear Toni, Iain and Matt talk about what it takes to start up a venture, all the way through to acquisition. Possible topics include building a business around open source projects, bootstrapping techniques, smart venture capital, DEMO and other tech conferences, talking to potential acquirers, and more. This is a great opportunity to hear from those who've built wildly popular products and successful companies.


    About the Presenters

    Toni Schneider

    Toni is CEO of Automattic and a venture partner at True Ventures . He's spent most of his career around early stage Silicon Valley startups. Several were bought by larger firms, most recently Oddpost which was acquired by Yahoo!.

    Automattic was founded by the core development team behind , the #1 open source blogging software that is used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers worldwide. Automattic has created , a hosted version of Akismet , a spam blocking service for blogs and wikis.

    True is a new venture fund focused on early stage software investments. True's initial investments include Meebo Sphere, and ScanR.

    Previously, Toni created and ran the Yahoo! Developer Network, which enabled third party software developers to use Yahoo! as a platform for creating, distributing and monetizing Yahoo-powered applications and services. He also championed Yahoo's acquisition of Pixoria, makers of the popular Konfabulator desktop widgets software.

    Toni was also CEO of Uplister, a popular community-based music discovery and recommendation system. It allowed music fans to upload their playlists, annotate them with writings and images and share them with other fans.


    Iain Lamb

    Iain Lamb and Ethan Diamond co-founded Oddpost , a very early web-based email system, one of the first services with a dynamic desktop-like interface, years before the term "ajax" was coined. Oddpost was bootstrapped, then angel-funded, and profitable with 11 employees. Yahoo acquired Oddpost in 2004 in a deal that landed the team on the cover of Business 2.0, and Oddpost is the foundation of Yahoo! Mail's new global email system.


    Matt Mullenweg

    Matt is perhaps best known as the founding developer of Wordpress, the blogging software that runs hundreds of thousands of sites around the world. Last October, Matt left CNET to start and become Chief BBQ Taste Tester of Automattic , which provides and other blogging tools and services. Matt's personal blog, Photo Matt, is Google's #1 search result for "Matt."




    Building D

    Southern Cross Room

    3410 Hillview Avenue

    Palo Alto, CA 94304




    6:30pm-7:00pm - registration

    7:00pm-8:30pm - presentation



    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members

    No charge for SDForum members

    Seating is limited

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