Windows SIG: WPF and XAML, chicken or egg? Part I



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    Presentation Overview

    WPF and XAML, chicken or egg? Part I

    We will introduce Microsoft’s shipping replacement for the forms API. An overview of what WPF (formerly Avalon) and XAML will be presented. Perspective from both the designers point of view as well as the programmers will be discussed. WPF is not just a Forms API replacement. It is a paradigm shift in client side programming. In this session we will look at WPF from the ground up. We will present an overview of the tools necessary to create sophisticated WPF programs and demonstrate some of the best programs already written for WPF and explain (by talking through the XAML and C#) how they work. Be prepared to see a lot of code and very cool applications.


    About the Presenter

    Peter Kellner

    Peter Kellner founded 73rd Street Associates in 1990, where he successfully delivered systems for university clinic scheduling, insurance company management, and a turnkey physician office management to more than 500 customers nationwide. Ten years later, in 2000, 73rd Street Associates was purchased by a large insurance company, and Peter started a new career as an independent software consultant. Among the technologies he currently is involved with are ASP.NET, Oracle, Java, VOiP, and soon, SQL Server. Peter is currently a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET. When not working, Peter spends most his free time biking. He has ridden his bike across the globe. Most recently he and his wife, Tammy, rode across the U.S., from California to Georgia, in just 27 days.


    Cal Schrotenboer

    Cal is a C# developer with experience in building Windows Forms application front ends for SQL Server databases. He also teaches programming classes (Advanced C#, ASP.NET, VSTO, WPF, WCF, Perl, SQL Server 2005) at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills and Microsoft Network Administration (MCSE) classes at Mission College in Santa Clara. A majority of the students in Cal's Windows Presentation Foundation class (quite likely the first such class in California) are Bay.NET members. In April, in addition to a new session of the WPF class, Cal will have a class in Windows Communication Foundation based on the recently released Juval Lowy book. His outside interests include travel and photography (


    Event Logistics


    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA 94105


    The schedule for the weekly meeting has been changed to:

    6:30 - Pizza, soda, and networking

    6:45 - Open Q&A

    7:00 - Announcements

    7:05 - Presentation

    8:45 – Raffle and wrap-up



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