Windows SIG: An Overview of Visual Studio 2005 Team System



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    Mark Hammond, Community Developer Evangelist Microsoft


    Presentation Overview

    Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS) addresses the growing complexities of application development life cycle by providing the complex, highly specialized tools, technologies, and design methods needed to enable predictable, repeatable results while enhancing productivity and innovation. In addition to the comprehensive set of capabilities provided by Microsoft, VSTS is also an extensible framework enabling industry partners to integrate additional tools that provide even greater support for software development and life cycle management.

    The product focuses on 4 different aspects of software development. They are:

    • Team Architect - UML modeling and diagramming tools for applications, logical infrastructure, and deployment.
    • Team Developer - static and dynamic code analysis to provide automated unit testing, code coverage, and profiling tools.
    • Team Test - manual and automated system and load testing, along with support for test case management.
    • Team Foundation - source control, task and project management, build management, and team communication support. Mark will present an overview of the product, including some demos of the recently available Beta 1 release.


    About the Presenter

    Mark Hammond is a Community Developer Evangelist with Microsoft. Having previously worked as an engineer in Microsoft's product groups (on Windows 95, the Games SDK, and Internet Explorer 3, 4, and 5), Mark went on to face new challenges as the Manager of Product Development and later Director of Product Management for iSpheres, an enterprise software company specializing in high-speed complex event detection. Mark's passion for technology and working directly with developers has brought him back to Microsoft as an avid evangelist for the developer community.


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