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    XAML debuted as Microsoft’s all-star starting pitcher last year with the introduction of Vista and WPF. Now with the recent addition of Silverlight to the field, the Redmond team has a potent defensive lineup that covers both bases: Windows and the Web.

    Windows XP and Vista apps get a big boost with the combination of XAML + WPF. Now, following up on their promise of XAML as a flexible UI definition language, they release Silverlight, a cross-browser RIA platform aimed squarely at Flash. The Rubicon was been crossed: .NET CLR in every browser. And now with the Expression suite of tools released, we’ve got a completely new set of tools and technologies to figure out.

    So, what does this mean for your next app? My presentation will give you a sampling of these two gems, with lots of real code and demos, so you can decide. But if you’re still using MSPaint for your designs, you’re in for ride!



    Scott Stanfield is the CEO of Vertigo Software, Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in building unique .NET applications. Scott is a proud member of the MSDN Regional Director community, covering Silicon Valley, and participates in the Microsoft .NET Partner Architect Council. His company built the Windows DNA "Rosetta Stone" sample application Fitch & Mather Stocks 2000,  the ASP.NET Starter Kits and IBuySpy, the Nile and Petshop benchmarks, Family.Show and many others. He is a frequent speaker and has delivered keynotes at Microsoft events including TechEd, PDC, DevDays and VBITs. Scott holds a BS in Computer Science for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.


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