Windows SIG: Fresh from the PDC - A 2-Part Series; Part 1 - WinFX



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    Fresh from the PDC - A 2-Part Series; Part 1 - WinFX

    WinFX is the next-generation of managed (.NET) APIs for the new Windows platforms - such as Windows Vista - as well as other top-end Windows operating systems (Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server). It consists of the set of interfaces exposed in Microsoft technologies such as the Windows Presentation Foundation (code-named "Avalon"), Windows Communications Foundation (code-named "Indigo"), and .NET Framework 2.0 - making it the future of Windows development.

    Windows Presentation Foundation is the presentation subsystem class libraries in WinFX. Windows Presentation Foundation provides the foundation for building applications and high fidelity experiences, blending together application UI, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer. The functionality extends to the support for Tablet and other forms of input, a more modern imaging and printing pipeline, accessibility and UI automation infrastructure, data-driven UI and visualization.

    Windows Communication Foundation is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems. It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture. Advanced Web services support in Windows Communication Foundation provides secure, reliable, and transacted messaging along with interoperability. The service-oriented programming model of Windows Communication Foundation is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and simplifies development of connected systems. Windows Communication Foundation unifies a broad array of distributed systems capabilities in a composable and extensible architecture, spanning transports, security systems, messaging patterns,encodings, network topologies, and hosting models.



    Ben Riga, Platform Evangelist, Microsoft

    Ben Riga is a software marketing veteran with over 15 of years in senior product management and technical marketing roles. Ben joined Microsoft in 2004 as a platform evangelist with Microsoft's Developer and Platform Evangelism Group. His overarching responsibility is to demonstrate the compelling business value of the Microsoft platform using scenarios rooted in various vertical industries. Ben works closely with industry partners to build prototypes to demonstrate this inherent value. Before joining Microsoft, Ben held numerous senior marketing roles at Borland focusing on developer tools. Ben received a BS in Computer Science from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Mark your calendars for November 2 when Ben will present, "Fresh from the PDC: Introducing Windows Vista."


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