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    E-nabling the E-conomy

    Alan H. Karp (bio), Principal Scientist - HP Laboratories

    (former Chief Scientist of HP E-Speak Team)

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    Web Services Conversation Language (WSCL)

    Kannan Govindarajan (bio), Principal Author of WSCL, Software

    Architect - HP Laboratories

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    David Nielsen (bio), President - Persistent Web Technologies


    Presentation Overview

    E-nabling the E-conomy

    The world is moving from an economy based on the interactions of people to an E-conomy characterized by the interactions of software services. This change promises enormous gains in productivity and substantial reductions in process times. In the E-conomy, people will decide what needs to be done, and software will determine the best way to do it. The emerging web services standards are key to getting us there.

    Today, getting services from different organizations to interact over the Internet is difficult, special-case work. Part of the difficulty is that each provider addresses a common set of problems in a proprietary way. Using the standards defined by the web services effort makes it easier to produce, operate, and use compositions of services. Web services standards will allow us to think of all applications as e-services that we can assemble on the fly to solve our problems.

    In this talk, Mr. Karp will discuss the components of the E-conomy, the interaction among these components, and where the evolving web services standards fit in.


    Web Services Conversation Language (WSCL)

    This talk will provide some insights into some of the design considerations for WSCL. It will also discuss the relationship with some formalisms such as the pi-calculus, and other web services technologies such as WSDL. We will also briefly discuss some architectural issues as they pertain to implementing WSCL. Time permitting, we will explain how WSCL can be extended to have other properties such as transactions, events, multi-party conversations, etc.


    About the Presenters and Moderator


    Alan H. Karp, Principal Scientist at HP Laboratories

    Dr. Karp was the first person to work on e-speak and produced the first prototype. He served as Chief Scientist of HP's E-speak Operation from June 1999 until April of 2000, at which time he returned to HP Laboratories to work on automated negotiation. Before working on e-speak, Dr. Karp participated in developing the EPIC chip architecture, the basis of Intel's Itanium line. A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he has a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Maryland.


    Kannan Govindarajan, Principal Author of WSCL, Software Architect at HP Laboratories

    Dr. Kannan Govindarajan was one of the architects of e-speak. He joined the e-speak group in December 1998, and implemented many parts of the e-speak infrastructure. As architect of e-speak he also wrote many parts of the specification, and position papers at various web services forums. Before HP, Kannan was a member of Oracle's Java Products Group. Kannan graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. In addition, he holds a PhD in Computer Science from SUNY at Buffalo, and a Masters in Management of Technology from MIT Sloan School of Management.


    David Nielsen, President at Persistent Web Technologies

    David was one of the first developers in the world to be certified on Microsoft’s first application server, Active Server Pages. David was also one the first to teach others how to develop database-driven eCommerce sites on the Microsoft Site Server E-Commerce platform. For almost a decade, David has worked and shared ideas with many of the leading developers in the Internet community ensuring that his company, Persistent Web, is in the forefront of all the latest market trends and technological developments.

    In addition to founding Persistent Web, David continues to remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and lends his technological and strategic expertise to clients building Internet applications and Web Services. David is also the founder and Chair of the Web Services SIG.


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza

    7:00-7:15pm introductions and announcements

    7:15-8:30pm presentation

    8:30-9:00pm Q&A



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