VB SIG: Developing Robust .NET Solutions Using State Machines



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    Daniel Appleman (bio), President - Desaware Inc.

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    Presentation Overview

    Developing Robust .NET Solutions Using State Machines

    State Machines: A term that draws blank stares from many software developers. Those that are familiar with them often think about UML diagrams or formal languages. That's odd, because programmers use state machines all the time without realizing it. Unfortunately, they usually do so haphazardly, without really thinking about it. This is a shame, if you design your software with state machines in mind, you can significantly improve your software, making it more reliable, easier to test, and yes - easier to modify later.

    Still, one can argue that knowledgeable use of state machines is a luxury - that is, until .NET. That's because .NET, with liberal use of threading even for asynchronous operations, increases the risk of subtle threading and synchronization problems.

    Knowing this, and realizing that it is essential that our .NET components achieve the same high level of reliability as our COM components, we at Desaware turned to state machines for a solution. We created a framework that, in a nutshell, made it easy to implement state machines and, more important, manage the threading in a way that we gain most of the safety of VB6 and COM's apartment threading model, while keeping all of theflexibility of .NET's free threading model.

    The commercial version of that framework is Desaware's StateCoder. In this session you'll learn more about state machines and why they are an essential part of every software developers skill set. And you'll see how StateCoder can help you build state machines in .NET, and solve a wide variety of software development problems in the process.


    About the Presenter


    Daniel Appleman, President at Desaware Inc.

    Mr. Daniel Appleman is the president of Desaware Inc., a developer of add-on products and components for Microsoft Visual Studio, including SpyWorks, StateCoder and the NT Service Toolkit for .NET languages and VB6. He is a cofounder of APress, a publishing company specializing in high quality professional level books for computer programmers and Information Technology professionals. APress is the publisher of his best-selling book "Moving to VB.NET: Strategies, Concepts and Code" and his books "Dan Appleman's Win32 API Puzzle Book and Tutorial for Visual Basic Programmers", "How Computer Programming Works". Dan is also the author of "Dan Appleman's Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API" and "Developing COM/ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 6.0: A Guide to the Perplexed".



    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA


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