Technical Seminar on XML Web Services Security



  • The number one concern with XML Web Services is security -- and with good reason. Learn about XML Web Services and the short and long term risks of deploying them.

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    Kerry Champion, (bio), Founder, President , Westbridge Technology, Inc

    The hype about XML Web Services has reached fever pitch. XML Web Services is poised to revolutionize IT architecture much like mainframe computing and client-server did years ago. However, the number one barrier to XML Web Service adoption among enterprises is security – and with good reason. Exposing business critical functions in complex, heterogeneous networks will result in whole new classes of security compromises.

    Lack of standards for authentication, authorization, encryption and non-repudiation are all well understood derivatives of current Web security issues. But, there are other major security problems that will occur that are less understood. Topics discussed will include: (1) security policies across systems; (2) end-to-end security; (3) security administration; (4) organizational requirements; (5) new forms of malicious attack.

    Presented by Kerry Champion, a veteran of the security and messaging industries, this event is designed to provide you with practical, actionable, best practice information to help you learn what all the critical issues are and to help you make decisions about deploying XML Web Services. You will leave this seminar with:

    • An in-depth understanding of the important security issues related to XML Web Services
    • Tactics and best practices for securing XML web services
    • An understanding of the security trends that face enterprises
    • Knowledge on what the security risks and solutions are for deploying XML Web Services

    Speaker Bio


    Kerry Champion, Founder, President, Westbridge Technology, Inc.

    Throughout his career, Kerry Champion, Founder and President of Westbridge Technology, Inc., has delivered products, and consulting to organizations that care deeply about the IT security such as the NSA, Citicorp, US Coast Guard, Merrill Lynch, US Navy, and Chase Manhattan Bank. Prior to founding Westbridge Technology, Kerry was Senior VP of Product Development at Tumbleweed Communications, a leading specialist in secure content management and the provider of the reference implementation of the S/MIME secure e-mail standard. Tumbleweed has provided security management frameworks to over 1500 customers, including: Verisign, USPS, UPS, La Poste, Canada Post, Pitney Bowes, NTT, FDA, European Union, and American Express.

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