Software Engineering at Microsoft: <br>Past, Present, and Future



  • A Unique Look with Jon DeVaan

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    Jon DeVaan, Senior Vice President Software Engineering Strategy at Microsoft


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    Software Engineering at Microsoft, Past, Present, and Future

    Jon DeVaan has been developing software at Microsoft since 1984. "Software Engineering at Microsoft, Past, Present, and Future" will discuss the history of software engineering at Microsoft containing lessons learned on projects large and small.

    About the Presenter

    Jon DeVaan

    As senior vice president of Software Engineering Strategy at Microsoft, Jon DeVaan manages the engineering standards used to create Microsoft’s software products. In this role, DeVaan is responsible for the strategies and direction of the software-engineering discipline at Microsoft. DeVaan is also a member of the Business Leadership Team with Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer.

    An 18-year Microsoft veteran, DeVaan’s extensive experience and knowledge have established him as a respected leader in the technology industry. DeVaan has held a variety of executive and management positions while at Microsoft. Prior to his current role, he managed the TV Division at Microsoft responsible for the UltimateTV® service and the MicrosoftTV software platform, and co-managed Microsoft’s Consumer and Commerce Group, where he helped design and initiate the turnaround strategy for MSN.

    Previously, DeVaan led Microsoft's Desktop Applications Division, growing the business to US$7 billion in annual revenues. Responsible for the Microsoft Office® family of applications and advanced application technologies, DeVaan led the initial design of Microsoft Office 2000, setting the direction of the product to seamlessly integrate Internet technologies and make them easier to use. In addition to serving as vice president of development and director of development for Office95 and 97, DeVaan worked in various capacities ranging from Excel software design engineer to development manager. His leadership and experience provided essential management of cross-platform technology and helped pioneer the development processes used to create Microsoft products.

    DeVaan has been a guest speaker at many events of the interactive and cable TV industries, the Churchill Club, the Alex Brown Internet CEO Roundtable, and the Jupiter Consumer Online Forum. Most notably, DeVaan served as a panelist with United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan at the 2000 United Nations' World Television Forum to discuss the convergence of TV, digital technology and the Internet.

    DeVaan holds bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science from Oregon State University, and holds patents in the area of simplifying user interface elements in PC applications.



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