Software Architecture & Platform SIG: Best Practices for Scaling Java Apps w/Distributed Caching



  • Presentation TitleBest Practices for Scaling Java Applications with Distributed Caching

    Slava Imeshev's Bio

    Slava Imeshev is a founder and a core developer at Cacheonix Systems. Slava's main expertise is reliable distributed high-performance systems. Slava received MS is Computer Engineering degree from Samara Aerospace University, Russia in 1989. You can reach Slava at


    Increasing volume of critical data presents new challenges when developing performing applications with Java. Distributed caching helps to address these challenges if applied right. This vendor-neutral presentation will explore ways for improving reliability, scalability, performance and concurrency of Java applications through local and distributed caching. You will learn how to identify data best fit for caching; deepen your knowledge with best practices for caching; understand distributed caching and ways it enables scalability of Java applications. We will discuss common usage scenarios for distributed caching and will provide best practices for the supporting network infrastructure. The presentation will enhance your engineering skills by helping to avoid caching pitfalls and anti-patterns.


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