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    Presentation Overview

    As previously announced, the Search SIG and Mobile Monday have joined forces to put together a Mobile Search focused event. It will take place on Monday October 10th, and will be hosted by Google. Many of you expected the event to take place on October 3rd, the first Monday of the month as it is the tradition of Mobile Monday, but we felt that there was too much of an overlap with the Web 2.0 conference which is taking place the same week.

    On the topic of the session, mobile search means much more than throwing a keyword search to a search engine from a cell phone. Efficiently accessing context-driven information, based on who/where they are and what they need, is what users have come to expect. We will explore the state of the art of Mobile search, and assess if we are any closer to delivering what users need.



    -Jack Denenberg, Cingular Wireless
    -Mark Grandcolas of Caboodle Networks
    -Scott Jenson of Google
    -Mihir Shah, Yahoo! Search
    -Zaw Thet of 4INFO


    -David Weiden, a mobile expert and equity analyst at Morgan Stanley
    The host of the session will be David Weiden, an Internet & Mobile industry consultant currently working with Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley Equity Research. Prior to this David was an initial investor in and CMO of Tellme Networks, the largest provider of automated 411 systems in the world. David also held executive positions at AOL and Netscape and began his career at McCaw Cellular.


    Event Logistics


    Google Inc., Building 40
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043


    6:30-7:00pm - Registration / Food & Drink
    7:00–7:05pm - Welcome
    7:05-8:00pm - Act I: Mobile Search state of the art, trends and challenges and anything our moderator will want to cover
    8:05-8:15pm - Intermission: Search Networking & Geeking Out
    8:20-9:00pm - Act II: Product Demos from Google, 4INFO and Caboodle Networks
    9:00-9:15pm - Open Mike Geek: Announcements (30 seconds of fame & fortune)
    9:16pm - You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here

    (note: at the end of our meeting, we will provide audience members with the opportunity to make very QUICK 30-second announcements of community geek benefit. however,if you exceed the time limit, you WILL get the hook.)


    NOTE: This event is free, for this month, only.


    Mission statement: The Search for Search

    The purpose of the SDForum Silicon Valley Search SIG is to offer a communication and collaboration platform to the Search ecosystem: search engines, marketers/advertisers, users and developers. Through a series of monthly events, the SIG will cover a large diversity of topics: from the latest developments in search to the needs of brands and advertisers, through the issues and key learnings of starting, funding, building, and exiting a search company.

    We plan to use different formats for the SIG as well: fireside chats with key executives of the ecosystem, panels, presentations + Q&As, unconference - i.e the panel is the audience, etc. Once thing we request, demand, beg for, is the participation of the audience.

    We also want to give companies the opportunity to introduce themselves, launch their products, in short segments of 5/10 mins max. And at the end of each session, anybody having an announcement to make will be able to do so.
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