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  • Proven Models of Success and Best Practices



    Kimberly Wiefling, Founder and Principal of Wiefling Consulting.


    Presentation Overview

    Did you know:

    • Nearly 75% of all development projects miss their target release date or never ship at all.
    • Depending on industry, between 60% and 90% of all new products fail to meet customer expectations.
    • 1 in 600 products industry-wide meet their original sales/profit targets.
    • Productive Work Time/Total Work Time can be less than 10%.

    Have you ever heard one of these statements?

    • "I'm working on 3 project and they're all top priority!"
    • "Strategy? What strategy?"
    • "We can't afford ANOTHER late-to-market product."
    • "Why can't we get products out the door when we say we will?"
    • "Everyone seems to be working really hard. Why can't we get results?"
    • "Another quality problem in the field? Why wasn't this caught in testing?"
    • "How can the forecasts be off by that much?"
    • "What happened to the margins we expected when we started this project?"

    Come and find out how to quickly deal with these issues using a best practices approach.


    About the Presenter

    Kimberly Wiefling 

    Kimberly Wiefling is the founder and principal of Wiefling Consulting. She is a proven business leadership and program management consultant with over 15 years of experience enabling leaders, companies and teams to get results with greater predictability and fewer nasty surprises. Kimberly states her philosophy like this: "The ability to attract and retain talented people is one of the greatest competitive advantages any company can possess. After you have the right people on board, the key to success is to unleash the power of the group genius in support of the business goals." Her approach enables teams to get great results even amid challenging and unpredictable circumstances.

    Kimberly has 10 years of experience at HP working in the biotech-centric analytical products division and the timing and network synchronization division. An education in physics, and a broad range of experience with engineering teams, uniquely qualify her to successfully engage technical professionals. She designs and facilitates highly interactive workshops on topics including project management, breakthrough thinking, leadership, and "getting unstuck." She is committed to creating work environments that leverage known best practices to enable significantly increased business success beyond what is commonly thought possible.




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