SEM SIG: Hold People Accountable & Make Stuff Happen



  • Gracefully, Seamlessly, and Effectively Presentation Overview Hold People Accountable & Make Stuff Happen: Gracefully, Seamlessly, and Effectively Gracefully and effectively holding people to account is critical to increasing your team performance: How much time and money did the last lapse in accountability cost you and your firm? Have you mastered the art and science of consistently causing your team's success? Do you know you could be effective temporarily with your team, but ineffective in the long term because of habits that leave you and your team unclear about the state of your projects? Benefits to you and your team: Access to Creating Unstoppable Teams. Increasing you and your team's productivity. Daily Peace of mind and Clarity. You will get access to having your team(s) be clear about their goals and expectations. This will reduce the chances of upset and crises that could take you or your team off track. You will learn the distinction between being Nice and being Ruthlessly Compassionate leading to an authentic, productive and healthy work environment. What you will learn: How to create a working environment, making it conducive to graceful and effective accountability. With this environment in place, your team will stay on track to unstoppably producing results. A simple process on how to gracefully and effectively coach peers, managers and subordinates leading to peace of mind and clarity. A simple process on how coach people through their upsets. This will be an interactive, educational, fun and energizing workshop. About the Presenter Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, CEO, Alacrity Consulting Services, Inc., Alacrity Consulting Mr. Bhaskaran is an experienced executive coach, trainer, educator and professional speaker. He has two degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from UC, Irvine, 10 years of project leadership and execution and has 14 years of experience in training executives, business owners and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and in firms of all sizes. His reputation is based on his ability to coach his clients to produce extraordinary results. He has run a successful training company and has had a successful radio talk show. Location SAP Building D Southern Cross Room 3410 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94304