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  • Agile Methodologies


    Presentation Overview

    An Emerging Product Development Paradigm -- Agile Methodologies

    In today's competitive environment, speed, quality, and flexibility are no longer tradeoffs - they're survival necessities, and many businesses are searching for new approaches to product development that can deliver them simultaneously. Agile development methodologies are emerging as a powerful solution to this challenge, and they're gaining converts at technology companies ranging from traditional enterprise software vendors to consumer-oriented web companies.

    This seminar will explore what Agile development is and why is it well-suited to today's complex software development environments and ever-changing markets.

    • What are the practical applications of this emerging development paradigm?
    • What are the best practices at leading enterprise software companies and Web-based services companies?

    This event will benefit entrepreneurs, software developers, project leaders, development managers, testers, architects and consultants who want to know more about agile development methodologies. The focus is on practical knowledge, real-world experience, and best practices in Agile development methodologies and how it can be started in an organization. Active participation of all attendees is encouraged.


    About the Presenter

    Raj Rao, SVP Products and Technology Group, SAP

    Raj Rao is Senior Vice President in the Products and Technology Group, at SAP Labs.

    Previously he served as Vice President for the Human Capital Management (HCM) Products Group at PeopleSoft. Raj was first employee at Alphadog – a procurement services startup. Raj started his career in Communication industry building state of the art network products at Alcatel and later on managing them at US West (a baby Bell company). Raj transitioned to Software while working for Oracle – as a Senior Director for CRM products.

    Raj has a BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Science, MS in Management and an MBA.



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