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    Presentation Overview

    Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success

    The success or failure of any project often hinges on how well the project sponsor—the person who funds the project and ensures that desired benefits are achieved—relates to the project, the project manager, and other stakeholders. However, executives who are assigned as project sponsors often have little if any experience understanding their roles and responsibilities during the project life cycle. Problems in communication and execution are inevitable as long as senior managers and project managers do not understand the mechanics of their relationship.

    “Achieving management commitment for project success” addresses how project sponsors and project managers can develop the skills they need to manage successful projects. Randall L. Englund and Alfonso Bucero—experts in the field of project management—have written a definitive guide for educating all stakeholders in the nature of project sponsorship. In their book on Project Sponsorship, Randy and Alfonso describe in detail the responsibilities of the project sponsor, from communications and liaison, selection and training, problem solving, mentoring, and feedback, to the review of project execution. The project sponsor and manager learn how to negotiate effectively with each other and the project team to achieve their commitments.

    The presentation highlights key resources for expanding best practices in project sponsorship across organizations, by helping project sponsors establish directions for the future, communicate through vision, create aligned high-performance teams, and focus on planning; and by helping project managers better manage their sponsors—all directed towards greater project success. The objective in this exciting multimedia presentation is to illuminate steps that open the doors to excellence in project sponsorship.


    About the Presenter

    Randall L. Englund,

    Randy Englund is an independent project management consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach, author, and speaker. He founded his own consulting business to help others focus on creating an environment for successful projects. He's on the faculty for San Jose State University's Professional Development Center, he presents keynote talks and conducts seminars around the world, and he’s the author of three best selling business and management books.

    His previous experience was as a senior project manager at Hewlett-Packard Company in the Project Management Initiative, whose purpose as a corporate project office was the continuous improvement of project management across the company. For 22 years at HP, Randy worked in a variety of functional areas doing high tech new product development.

    Randy holds a BSEE, an MBA in Management, and is certified as a New Product Development Professional (NPDP) and as a Certified Business Manager (CBM). He is noted for creating memorable learning and action-oriented experiences.



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