SAM SIG: Rich Internet Application Architectures: Part III: Canoo's ULC



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    Presentation Overview

    Rich Internet Application Architectures: Part III: Canoo's ULC

    Two years ago, Navis LLC recognized that their DHTML based web applications, used for mission-critical supply chain execution software, were lacking from a user experience perspective. After thorough evaluation, Navis decided to replace their Struts-based UI framework with the pure Java RIA solution UltraLightClient (ULC).

    After summarizing the decision process behind this significant architectural change, this talk will focus on the experiences made when switching to the ULC-based UI framework, as observed during development, deployment, and customer runtime. In addition, other architectural decisions that have increased developer productivity, application robustness, and customer satisfaction will be discussed, with a critical eye on the pros and cons. Finally, a live demo of a production system will be given.

    ULC is particularly interesting for leveraging the robustness of Swing and the Swing programming model that developers already know, while simplifying development by offering a server-side API to Swing. Navis did not have to deal with the really hard task of distributing code between client and server, nor communication between client and server. At the same time, they were able to leverage a client/server simulator that allows ULC users to run both client side and server side within a single VM.


    About the Presenter

    Etienne Studer

    Etienne Studer is a senior software developer at Navis LLC, where he is in charge of the RIA framework for Navis’ next-generation products. Before joining Navis in 2004, he has worked for Canoo, the Switzerland based company behind ULC.


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