Open Source SIG: A Softswitch for the Rest of the World



  • The Asterisk Open Source PBX


    Presentation Overview


    A Softswitch for the Rest of the World

    After years of hardware solutions, fast CPUs have now replaced difficult DSP chips in PBX architectures, bringing with them the opportunity for extensive new PBX application development. Softswitches are a complementary and rapidly growing part of the $5 billion PBX market. Poised to leverage VOIP adoption, the Asterisk open source project sits at the cusp of a potential revolution in telecomunications solutions. In this presentation Mark Spencer, author and maintainer of Asterisk, and CEO of Digium, presents the genesis of the Asterisk project, tells us where the PBX and IVR market is heading, and gives us his vision for Digium in the PBX market.

    Hear how an industry sprang up around a single piece of software:

    • Decisions and milestones in the development of Asterisk.
    • Features of an Asterisk solution and new service potential.
    • Delivering customer value under the Digium business model.
    • User benefits of the new DUNDi protocol.

    Join us as Mark takes a detour from the Asterisk Pavillion at the 2005 VON conference to share his experiences about this rapidly evolving market with the SDForum Open Source SIG.


    About the Presenter

    Mark Spencer graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Computer Engineering. He has used Linux and open source software since 1994 and is the author of several open source packages including Gaim, Cheops, DJ Krazy, GnoPhone, and Asterisk. He is currently the founder and CEO of Digium, which provides Open Source software and low-cost hardware centered around the Asterisk open source PBX.


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