Open Source SIG: Joint Event with German American Business Association



  • IT On-Demand: Risks and Benefits for Tomorrow’s Business


    Presentation Overview:

    IT On-Demand: Risks and Benefits for Tomorrow’s Business

    Adaptive computing may change the way hardware and software is deployed and consumed. Will we be able to use IT resources the way we use electricity and water --- taking just as much as we need, whenever we need it?


    About the Panelists:

    • Roland Wartenberg, Director Product Management Adaptive & Grid Computing, SAP AG
    • Dr. Ralf Rieken, CEO Fujitsu Siemens Computers Inc.
    • Hanoch Eiron, Alliance Marketing, Hewlett Packard & Chair Marketing Steering Committee, EGA
    • Dr. Gregory Smith, Global Manager SAP Competency Centers, Sun Microsystems
    • Karsten Meyer, Head of Application Line SAP, ITO - Computing Service Solution, T-Systems International
    • Moshe Bar, Chief Technology Officer, XenSource

    About the Moderator:

    John R. Rymer, VP Application Development and Infrastructure at Forrester Research, Inc.


    Why you should attend:

    Dynamic Computing - Adaptive Computing - Computing On-Demand - Utility Computing - Grid Computing, Virtualization … Are they just buzz words designed to sell IT departments on “the next big thing” or do they represent a fundamental shift in computing architecture? If so, how do these emerging technologies help IT organizations respond to changing business imperatives?

    Does dynamic computing offer more rational licensing, reduced hardware investment, or lower operating costs? How much longer can CIOs sustain their large-scale legacy systems? Is it possible to address new business challenges under present IT budgets by migrating to architectures that adapt on-the-fly? Do open source platforms and components have the potential to make virtualization a commodity, ushering in a new era data center efficiency and manageability? If so, what are the best practices for application of open source and virtualization? Please join us for this exciting event presented by GABA, T-Systems North America and the SDForum. Our expert panelists create an evening full of understanding and a great opportunity to talk with industry leaders, potential business partners and suppliers.

    Complimentary appetizers, soft drinks, beer and wine will be served. Note: To pre-register, see registration information below. Cost: $20 Members; $30 Non-Members; $40 at the door.


    Event Logistics


    SAP Labs, Building D
    3410 Hillview Rd.
    Palo Alto, CA 94304