• JAVA SIG: Java Virtual Machines Tuesday, October 05, 2004 - 07:00PM
    Cubberley Community Center
    4000 Middlefield Rd., RM H-1
    Palo Alto, CA 94105
    Software Architecture and Platform

JAVA SIG: Java Virtual Machines



  • The Monthly Meeting of the JAVA SIG


    First Half

    Soap-Stone: benchmarking JVM network performance

    Soap-Stone: How your network stack may let you down. Soap-Stone is a network benchmarking tool which can be used to provision and monitor the network performance for a Java Virtual Machine. Soap-Stone automates the client-server communications and data-gathering needed to perform tests in a quick and efficient manner. It is available as an open-source project at http://soap-stone.sourceforge.net.


    XML-XIG: generate instances from XMLSchema

    XML-XIG: How well do you know your XML service? XML Instance Generator is a tool which takes XMLSchema and dynamically generates instances of documents that conform to that schema. It can be used to visualize the document structures which underlie complex schema, and to generate test documents based on XPath meta-data. XML-XIG is implemented using XMLBeans. It is available as early-access open-source at http://xml-xig.sourceforge.net.


    Presenter: Dr. P. Simon Tuffs, consultant

    Dr. P. Simon Tuffs is a software architect with plenty of hands-on experience. He came to software engineering from a background in control-systems, and has worked on a wide range of projects including the Space Station program. He is currently working as an independent consultant specializing in Java/J2EE and Web-Services and is an open-source enthusiast. http://www.simontuffs.com


    Second Half

    Azul's new app server processor and its JVM

    There are many roadblocks to usefully scaling a JVM to very large numbers including GC pause times for multi-gigabyte heaps, memory bandwidth and latency issues and lock contention. In this talk, Cliff will discuss how Azul is building systems designed to support very large JVMs; these systems are optimized to run 100s of concurrently executing threads and 100s of gigabytes of heap. Azul hardware includes read & write barriers allowing a high-performance, parallel, concurrent and relocating GC. Specialized CPU instructions reduce cache pressure from object allocations and enable stack-based allocation. In addition, we have support for a form of speculative locking. Azul is currently testing systems in the lab and plans to enter the market in the first half of 2005. Azul Systems


    Presenter: Cliff Click - Senior JVM Architect, Azul Systems

    As one the company's senior architects, Cliff Click designs, implements and debugs the Azul JVM. Cliff's work fundamentally impacts all aspects of Azul's system including hardware, compilers, I/O and CPU design. Dr. Click was most recently the chief architect of Sun Microsystems' server compiler in the HotSpot JVM, which is widely recognized as the JVM gold standard. It is one of the leading JVMs in the marketplace, and its technology is the basis for many commercial JVMs across many different processor architectures. Prior to his work at Sun Microsystems, he was involved in optimizing compiler research and development at Motorola and HP. Dr. Click has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rice University, holds 9 patents (with more pending) related to JVM technology and compiler optimizations, and is regularly invited to speak at leading technology symposiums and conferences. 


    Event Logistics


    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA 94105


    6:30-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.

    7:00-7:25 "Soap-Stone: benchmarking JVM network performance"

    7:25-7:50 "XML-XIG: generate instances from XMLSchema"

    7:50-8:10 Announcements. Break. Give-Aways.

    8:10-9:00 "Azul's new app server processor and its JVM"



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