JAVA SIG: Click and Hack, Still More Puzzlers & How to Go About Taming the Tiger



  • The Monthly Meeting of the JAVA SIG



    Dr. Joshua Bloch, Sr. Staff EngineerSun Microsystems

    Dr. Neal Gafter, Sr. Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems


    Presentation Overviews

    First Talk: "Still More Puzzlers"

    Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter present more programming puzzles for your entertainment and enlightenment. (This is an entirely different set of puzzles from those presented in previous years.) The game show format keeps you on your toes while the puzzles teach you about the subtleties of the Java(TM) programming language and its core libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of the language will be able to understand the puzzles, but even the most seasoned veterans will be challenged. The lessons you take from this session will be directly applicable to your programs and designs. Some of the jokes may even be funny.


    Second Talk: "Taming The Tiger"

    The upcoming release of the Java(tm) platform (J2SE1.5) includes many exciting new language features. Taken together, they greatly increase ease of programming, while decreasing opportunities for error. In this talk, we'll show you how to make effective use of these new features, which include generics, autoboxing, typesafe enums, the enhanced for construct, varargs, and static import. We'll discuss what to do and what not to do, with plenty of code examples.


    About the Speakers

    Dr. Joshua Bloch

    Dr. Bloch is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he is an architect in the Core Java Platform Group. He is the author of the best-selling book, "Effective Java Programming Language Guide." He designed and implemented the award-winning Java Collections Framework, java.math, and many other parts of the Java platform. Previously, he was a Senior Systems Designer at Transarc Corporation, where he designed and implemented many parts of the Encina distributed transaction processing system. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University and a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.


    Dr. Neal Gafter

    Dr. Gafter is a Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he is responsible for maintenance and development of javac (Sun's Java language compiler), the prototype Java "Generics" compiler, and other core Java development tools (javah, javadoc, and javamake). Previously, he developed a Java VM that provides orthogonal persistence, and led Sun's C++ compiler development group. He has held engineering positions at Microtec Research, Texas Instruments, and Xerox. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.


    Event Logistics


    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA 94105


    6:30-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.

    7:00-7:50 "Still More Puzzlers"

    7:50-8:10 Announcements. Break. Give-Aways.

    8:10-9:00 "Taming the Tiger"



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    No charge for SDForum members
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    No registration required