Delphi SIG: COMPONENTS on the Pallet Game



  • We will have our normal Q&A session before we go to this evenings big event which is "COMPONENTS on the Pallet Game", with game host Bjarne.


    Bjarne Winkler, Delphi SIG Chair


    Presentation Overview

    COMPONENTS on the Pallet Game

    We will "walk" through all the Components found in Delphi. Some we know and use everyday. Some we know about, but have never used, and then there is the long list of Components that we have never seen before, and therefor do not understand what it would do for us. This should be a fun game. See you Wednesday October 9 at 6:45pm. Please remember to bring a One-Dollar for the game.


    Event Logistics


    Valley Orchards
    2100 East Washington
    Petaluma, CA 94954


    6:45-7:15pm registration/networking/refreshments
    7:15-8:45pm presentation and discussion


    No charge and no pre-registration required