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    Patrick Feely - Cast Software


    Presentation Overview

    CAST Delphi Analyzer

    After last months field trip we are back in our normal location. If you survived the GUI-Guy and his "Deadly Developer Diseases" should attend this month meeting. Patrick is going to tell us what we are missing if we do not use the Cast Analyzer. I for one am eager to learn more.

    Delphi applications’ issues

    Today most Delphi applications consist of a large number of objects with complex interactions, both internally and with databases. Moreover, with increasing staff turnover and a lack of up-to-date documentation, it is a difficult process for developers to begin writing their own code or fix bugs because they first have to understand and acquire existing code. To master the complexity of these development and maintenance stages, developers require a complete and accurate knowledge of the application’s inner workings.

    CAST solution

    Integrated into CAST Application Mining Suite, Delphi Analyzer is dedicated to analyzing Delphi applications in order to retrieve the semantic embedded in the thousands of lines within the source code. CAST Delphi Analyzer identifies all Delphi objects and their interdependencies and thus provides developers with a complete and interactive dictionary of their entire application. This 'technical information' is then readily available to answer developers' day-to-day technical questions. It thus particularly contributes to facilitating the understanding and the maintenance of unfamiliar or complex applications, forecasting the side effects of any code modification or easing the flow of information among large teams.

    Integration into CAST Solutions

    CAST Delphi Analyzer is not a stand-alone product but an analyzer integrated into CAST Solutions. The technical information collected by CAST Delphi Analyzer is stored and updated incrementally at any time in a specific SQL database, which supports multi-user concurrent access. CAST Solutions leverage this information to provide developers with innovative features such as:

    • Interactive graphical views of their application's inner workings
    • Simulations of change impact on their application's inner structure
    • Customizable HTML reports for an up-to-date and automated documentation and the verification of code quality and development norms.


    CAST Technology

    CAST Delphi Analyzer performs both a semantic and a syntactic analysis of any Delphi application. This means that Delphi Analyzer "understands" both the meaning of the coded application and the grammar of the language. The technology used to build the CAST Analyzers is similar to that used in compilers or interpreters.

    CAST Analyzers

    CAST analyzers are each dedicated to one specific language. However, by combining them to cover the range of languages used in IT applications, IT teams will gain full and accurate knowledge of these applications and their inner structure. CAST Analyzers are available for: Delphi, VB, PB, Forms, C, Java, JSP, ASP, .NET, Internet Scripting Languages, Microsoft & Sybase T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, IBM SQL/PSM and major 3GLs.

    CAST, the Company

    CAST (EuroNext "7289") is the pioneer and acknowledged leader of the fast-growing Application Mining market. Headquartered in Paris, the company has over 250 employees across four offices in the USA and in nine major European cities. Over 1,800 companies have adopted CAST solutions, and major IT analysts and software vendors recognize the unique value-added and quality of CAST Application Mining technology.


    Event Logistics


    Valley Orchards

    2100 East Washington

    Petaluma, CA 94954



    6:45-7:15pm registration/networking/refreshments

    7:15-8:45pm presentation and discussion



    No charge and no pre-registration required

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