Bio Info SIG: Workflows and Grid Computing for the Life Sciences



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    Andrew Sherman, CTO, TurboWorx

    Presentation Overview

    Workflows and Grid Computing for the Life Sciences

    Many of the most important computational problems in the life sciences and medicine are based on step-by-step analysis of huge quantities of data. Such problems are highly amenable to solutions employing automated computational workflows deployed on distributed computing infrastructures and grids. This talk will discuss a scalable system for creating and executing distributed and grid-based workflow solutions suitable for life science R&D and medical informatics.


    About the Presenter

    Dr. Andrew Sherman

    Dr. Andrew Sherman is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at TurboWorx, Inc.. He is a leading expert in high performance computing, parallel algorithms, numerical methods, and software for scientific, engineering, and medical applications. Previously, he oversaw government research projects at Scientific Computing Associates, directing work in parallel computational chemistry, signal processing, visual programming environments, and numerical linear algebra. Dr. Sherman received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University in 1975 and has published numerous articles on topics such as mathematical software, sparse Gaussian elimination, adaptive grid methods for partial differential equations, petroleum reservoir simulation, and parallel computing technology.


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    Hanson Bridgett

    333 Market Street, 21st Floor

    San Francisco, CA, 94105

    Note: Location provided courtesy of Hanson, Bridgett, Marcus, Vlahos, Rudy, LLP.


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