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    Topic: Innovative Content Models: Three Case Studies from the AFI Digital Content Lab


    The Digital Content Lab at the American Film Institute has been incubating digital

    entertainment programming and products for more than a decade and is always looking for new project ideas and team members. Ninety concepts have been produced in the Lab, by more than 600 professionals in the television, film, design, technology and gaming industries. The showcase includes a project that deploys content to four platforms at once, yet maintains visual and thematic consistency; an educational campaign that runs during a punk rock tour; an animated TV show that renders itself dynamically as you watch it on a game console. Amber would be very, very disappointed if you didn't join us.


    The following projects will be presented:

    1)  DESIGN:E2 - a concept for deploying a TV series to multiple platforms and connecting its community of fans using locative media.

    2)  WARPED ROADIE - a contest that shows how an organization could use a live event as a platform for talking to fans before, during and after the event.

    3) LEAVING THE GAME - a machinima TV pilot, developed for Xbox and PC, about an assassin on the run.




    AFI Digital Content Lab:  Lisa Osborne

    Lisa Osborne manages a revolving slate of experimental TV, gaming and film projects as supervising producer of the American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab. Under a mandate to develop innovative entertainment content and products, Osborne has collaborated with lab teams to produce a machinima pilot, a documentary contest and a multiplatform environmental community, for example. ABC, NBC, Cartoon Network, EarthEcho International and ITVS are just a few of the organizations that have initiated Lab projects. An interactive producer since 1995, Osborne has managed content and marketing projects for TNT, Wink, ESPN,, Big Spaceship, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Coca-Cola and TBS. For three years she also lived in Germany and the Netherlands, supervising web strategy for and creating sites for David Beckham, the World Cup, Kobe Bryant, the French Open, Mark Gonzales, Steffi Graf and Anna Kournikova, among others. Osborne graduated from Northwestern University with a journalism degree.  For more information on the Lab, check out and To contact Osborne, email losborne (at) afi dot com.


    Method:  John Gilles

    John Gilles is the Vice President of Media and Entertainment at Method, Inc. An internationally recognized expert on advanced television and internet media, he specializes in new product development, programming development, content production and digital content business strategy for leading media companies. As a longtime cable TV and internet executive, he has led the development of many digital media products, including HD, VOD and broadband video channels, rich-media websites, interactive television applications, games, mobile applications and interactive program guides. Recent clients include Rainbow Media, Current Media, Ovation TV and the American Film Institute. A former VP of Interactive at Comcast-owned cable network G4TV, he also was the Director of Interactive Television at Paul Allen-owned TechTV. As a consultant, he launched Gameplay HD, the video-games oriented Rainbow Media cable channel, and also developed the personalized interactive programming guide MeeVee. He also held various management positions at ZDTV, and before that he was a TV reporter and producer on The Site on MSNBC, as well as a technology correspondent for Wired News and In addition to his work in product development, he has been widely published in both industry publications as well as mainstream media. He also has wide-ranging experience in business development, having negotiated many content licensing, distribution and application development agreements with and for cable, direct-broadcast satellite and Internet companies, including Comcast, Cablevision, Rainbow Media, Time-Warner, Microsoft, Real Networks, Yahoo, Apple and many others. With more than 18 years of interactive media experience, he is presently a principal consultant for media companies at Method, Inc.




    1100 Marsh Road
    Menlo Park, CA


    6:30-7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking
    7:00-7:45 p.m. Lisa Osborne, of the AFI Digital Content Lab

    8:00-8:30 p.m. John Gilles, of Method, Inc.



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