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  • The Monthly Meeting of the Mobile Internet SIG:
    Location: ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc., Sunnyvale

    Topic: Social Networking and Mobile Phone Services Identity Management – Multiple Devices

    What is your identity to ‘the service provider’ * and how is that identity integrated to the end-user seamlessly? 

    Are you a telephone number, an IP address or an email address!

    The two companies speaking this month are enabling communication services to be integrated for your convenience.  There is an entire government regulating the back-end and many new consumers forward looking start-ups looking to ease and compound user-experience.  Both entities want to protect and serve you – the consumer.

    Nuestar, Inc. a company from Sterling Virginia (near the FCC) will represent the back-end on how our digital identities are managed from a telecom and ISP service provider’s perspective (including SMS short-codes).

    Fonherd, Inc. a company from Los Angeles California (near MySpace) will represent the front-end and bring you in the future on how your telephone number can be integrated into a social network (securely and with a opt-in solution set).


    Neustar Abstract:
    It would unimaginable for a consumer to think they could not call any person on the planet they wanted using their phone service – regardless of what person was on what carrier. Yet that is precisely the situation with many new services like IM and social networks.   These newer services have been able to remain private islands so far.  But the accelerating interaction of telecommunications, entertainment, commerce and social environments will require new business models with multiple parties orchestrating a single subscriber experience.  This is already creating profound technical interoperability challenges.  So far, most of these have been solved as point solutions, but the nature and complexity of interoperability will require approaches that are more scalable technically and operationally.

    It’s not a stretch to say that the foundation for all network interoperability is addressing:  on telephony networks that means telephone numbers; on the Internet that means IP addresses, DNS and it’s relative, e-mail addresses.   Interoperability requires that there is an unambiguous answer to any single address resolution requirement.  At it’s most abstract – such an answer is “go here for an authoritative answer”.  These answers are the starting point for all “routing”.

    But the emerging environment will require “routing” to move from a network centered view to a person centered view – a superset of classical network routing, where a telephone number or DNS address is clearly understood to be a “token” for a person (or thing in some cases).  Personal identity comes front and center.  Routing questions are now:   “who knows “x” about John Doe?”   How do we ensure that customers’ privacy is respected so as not to break the tacit social contract we have with them.  How do we deal with the often appropriate separation between pieces of identity information?  And what role can existing addresses, like telephone numbers, have in this.

    As the operator of the authoritative database of telephone numbers in North America, one of the largest operators of DNS in the world, and a leader in enabling Mobile instant messaging, NeuStar sits at a unique crossroads of these issues and will answer many of these questions while posing more new ones.

    Fonherd Abstract: 
    Fonherd is a mobile social networking platform utilizing permission-based mobile phone directories to provide content, commerce and communication to existing and emergent communities. John Kesler, CEO, will be presenting and discussing the process of identifying the method and the importance of responsibly collecting mobile identities and connecting individuals to their networks and communities. Additionally John will discuss how a mobile identity will be changed from a mere ten-digit number to a communication hub for these networks. He will conclude with an overview of the importance of utilizing the multiple spokes of communication from that hub yielding a more comprehensive mobile resource.



    Speaker Biographies:

    Steve Granek , Vice President, Business Development-IP Services, NeuStar, Inc.

    Mr. Granek has been a key player leading NeuStar’s efforts at enabling the emerging communications/media ecosystem to interoperate, with a specific focus on VoIP, SIP, IMS, ENUM and Digital Identity infrastructure, and most importantly, how these topics are all interelated. With NeuStar’s expansion into Mobile Instant Messaging and Presence infrastructures, Steve has been a key figure in bridging the gap between Neutar’s legacy Telephony and IP routing businesses and the new world of Social Networks and IM.

    Prior to NeuStar, Steve served as VP of Sales and Business Development at NexTone Communications, VP Sales and Marketing at ADC Telecommunications (Systems Integration Division), and VP Sales and Marketng at Telet Communications. Prior to that, he co-owned a network integrator focused first on what was first the then new enterprise networks marketplace which quickly evolved into the emerging internet services market.

    Steve is a frequent speaker at various industry forums.  He brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, as well as both a technical and a business expertise to NeuStar.

    JL Kesler, CEO, Fonherd, Inc.
    After attending the University of Utah, John focused his academic studies of business and foreign languages into a budding career in internet technology. John’s first business venture was a multimedia firm that focused on providing clients with custom flash, video components, marketing and collateral. John went on to found Evols, which was acquired by Velonet who serviced international clients such as Marker Ski & Sport and Iomega. He served as the Vice President of Business Development for Matchbin, Inc., a web based barter company. John also founded and served as the President of Mobile Office Community, Inc., a niche short term office solution for the mobile professional.

    John is an entrepreneur with an immense skill set, ranging from business management and development to programming and web architecture design. His skills and ability to identify market trends made for an easy transition from the online to off-deck market.

    Any comments or requests, please contact the co-chairs:
    Joe Jasin         [email protected]
    Yong Tian       [email protected]
    Victor Shao [email protected]
    *  Service Provider Definition:  Telecommunication companies, Social Networks, Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers



    Event Logistics


    ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.
    1188 East Arques Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085

    6:30-7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking
    7:00-7:55 p.m. Neustar –  VP of Biz Dev - IP Services, Steve Granek,
    8:00-9:00 p.m. Fonherd – CEO, JL Kesler

    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
    No charge for SDForum members
    No registration required

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