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    Topic: Next Generation Hardware Enablement
    While the last several meetings have focused on mobile UI and infrastructure, we turn to device hardware this week.  These two companies are enabling the next generation user experience, in location based services and haptic feedback.

    Topic: Next Generation Hardware Enablement  | These two companies are enabling the next generation user experience
    1)  SIRF - on location oriented services
    2)  IMMERSION - on haptic end-user interaction.
    Have you used the Helio – Friendar service?  Viewing your friends location on Google Maps in real-time on your handset.  GPS and LBS applications are ramping up in the USA.
    The Third Sense: Adding touch to the mobile user experience
    Have you played the Sony Playstation – PS2 games, does the controller vibrate in sync with your game.  Now, this is application is being executed on your mobile phone!  Hence, The definition of HAPTIC:  relating to or based on the sense of touch.


    SIRF:  Jim Bohac, Manager (chipset & embedded software)

    Jim is a Product Line Manager at SiRF Technology, Inc.  SiRF Technology, Inc. develops and markets semiconductor and software products that are designed to enable location-awareness utilizing GPS and other location technologies, enhanced by wireless connectively capabilities such as Bluetooth, for high-volume mobile consumer devices and commercial applications.

    Jim Manages SiRF’s Multi-Function Radio product line which includes GPS location devices combined with other radios; such as Bluetooth, WiFi , etc. 

    Jim has many years of experience in product marketing and engineering management at wireless communication companies including RFMD, DSP Communications and Stanford Telecom.  At these companies Jim has managed development of a variety of products including GPS systems, WiFi products, digital video products and wireless telephony products.

    IMMERSION:  Tim Vetter, Marketing Director
    -- The Third Sense: Adding touch to the mobile user experience

    Tim Vetter will introduce haptics, the science of touch in human machine interfaces, and Immersion Corporation's experiences developing and commercializing its VibeTonz technology for mobile device haptics. As befits the topic, parts of this session will be hands-on.

    Tim is Director of Mobility Product Management at Immersion Corporation, the San Jose based haptics leader. Prior to Immersion, Tim wrote software and led engineering teams at Vindigo, Fannie Mae, UBS, and Bell Northern Research. He studied electrical engineering and business at the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, and the Stockholm School of Economics.

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