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    Topic:  Mobile Analytics the software back-end engine

    As the mobile industry compounds in growth, the industry focus tends to lean toward the B2C Front-End of the technologies.  This month our topic with be centric to the Back-End, is there a business model to capitalize wealth of data obtained and tracing the mobile customer engagements? Mobile Analytics promises to dramatically enhances customer experience. It evolves from the mobile web analytics, mobile apps and mobile messaging. It turns window-shopper into highly targeted customers. It may transform data into valuable customer engagement knowledge. It manages data like mobile network operators, geo-location, devices IDs and convert them into useful trending analysis, social media campaign, relevant targeted advertising, and m-commerce capabilities.

    Discussion points:

    - Platform
    - Performance indicators
    - Method of tracking
    - Privacy and Security
    - Competitive landscape (e.g. versus Google analytics for mobile)

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